January 2016 Newsletter

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January Newsletter

Featured in this month’s newsletter…

  • Narcan: It Saves
    Police throughout Morris County saved 42 people from fatal opiate overdoses in 2015  by using Narcan, according to Prosecutor Fredric M. Knapp.
  • Prescription and Over-The-Counter Drugs: Just as dangerous!
    Recent research shows that while parents are aware of warnings against illicit “street” drugs, both prescription medicine and over-the-counter cough medicines are often overlooked as a potential threat.

Recovery Mentoring in the News

Click the link below to watch “Jersey Matters.”
Morris County Prevention is Key and Center for Addiction, Recovery, and Success (CARES) are featured and discuss some of the new methods we are using to combat addiction.

Reporter, Sherry Karabin, talks with some of the amazing people we work with to learn about the life-saving drug Narcan, and focus on an amazing Mentor Program, to help recovering addicts.

Jersey Matters

Please visit the CARES website to learn more about the Mentor Program and how you can get involved.

Fight Opiate Abuse in the Doctor’s Office

New Jersey is in the midst of an opiate abuse epidemic. Every day, two families in our state lose a loved one to opiate abuse. This has to stop.

 Ask Assemblyman Conaway to introduce A-4760, a bill that requires health care practitioners to discuss risk of addiction when prescribing certain drugs to patients who are minors.

We call on the entire Assembly to pass this law that will give prescribers the opportunity to prevent countless families from suffering the consequences of addiction.

This bill is not an attempt to prevent a physician’s ability to practice medicine; It is intended to require dialogue between parents and physicians, and to help parents know the signs and symptoms to look for if their child becomes addicted to the medicine they were prescribed.

Doctors need to be part of the solution in addressing our state’s heroin epidemic.

Please help us in our last opportunity to have this legislation passed this year.

Contact Speaker Prieto and Chairman Herbert Conoway and ask them to post Assembly Bill 4760 for consideration by the Assembly Health Committee on December 10, 2015.

Speaker Prieto                                                        The Honorable Herbert Conoway
201 770 1303                                                           856 461 3997
AsmPrieto@njleg.org                                                AsmConaway@njleg.org


  • Join me in celebrating Red Ribbon Week. Our children have the right to grow up drug free – and we have the responsibility to make that happen. Take the pledge: www.redribbon.org/pledge

October is National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month
Featured in this month’s newsletter:

  • A lethal batch of heroin killing people in our area
  • The Morris County High School Pinwheel Project, bringing awareness to the youth lives lost to alcohol
  • The facts about medicine abuse
  • What we can do

October Newsletter