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July Newsletter

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Coalition Newsletter July

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  • Tips on how to keep teens safe this summer, and teen tips on fun safe things to do!
  • Our upcoming events, such as the Unite to Face Addiction event in Washington D.C., and Darryl Strawberry tells his story at Morris Knolls High School.


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Coalition Newsletter: May

May is graduation and prom season – often coupled with underage drinking and parties.
• 32% of teens think their parents
would allow them to drink once in a while.
• 88% believe alcohol is easy to get.
• 75% think they have friends who drink alcohol weekly.
* 2013 Partnership for a Drug-Free America; MetLife Foundation Survey*

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Coalition Newsletter May

Morris County Nalaxone Training

Morris County Nalaxone Training

Coalition Newsletter: April

Did you know…

  • FACT: Alcohol is the number one drug of choice for America’s youth, and is more likely to kill young people than all illegal drugs combined!
  • MYTH: All young people drink
  • FACT: 49% of high school students don’t drink

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Coalition Newsletter: April