Hope One Makes First Stop: Morristown Green

The Hope One Van made its first stop Monday, at the Morristown Green. The goal: to try to spread the message and connect with those struggling with addiction.

The Hope Van, now a mobile recovery access center, was made possible by dollars from convicted drug dealers. Morris County Sheriff James Gannon says, “It’s all about education and treatment.”

Working with his own office’s Community Services Unit along with the Morris County Prevention is Key’s Center for Addiction Recovery, Education and Success, the Morris County Department of Human Services and the Mental Health Association of Morris County, Gannon and other key leaders in the program staffed the Hope One van’s public debut on the Green from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“This is what we do every day, all day, which is to give people access to services,” said Alton Robinson, lead peer-recovery specialist for the Center for Addiction Recovery, Education and Success, better known as CARES. “What makes this so exciting is that although we have a physical location in Rockaway, we actually have the capacity now to bring our services to the individual instead of having the individual come to us.”

The growing population of addicts, especially people hooked on heroin or other opioid drugs, has become a problem so large that outreach has been identified as an essential element in addressing the problem.

“Personally, I have gotten about 141 people into treatment since August,” said Robinson, adding that the outreach initiative also includes new satellite centers where people can seek help.


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