Naloxone Training


Northern NJ naloxone Training’s are brought to you through the Center for Addiction Education Recovery and Success (C.A.R.E.S.). These trainings are Free of charge and are designed to proactively prepare individuals, friends and family members on how to effectively respond to an overdose. Naloxone administration is an important component of an overall “Overdose Action Plan” that enables one to take specific actions to revive an individual who have overdosed, stabilization of individuals as safely as possible, monitoring of their current physical and emotional condition, and best practices on how to communicate with 911, EMTs, and Law Enforcement.

Some of the topics covered in the naloxone training’s include the following.

· Opioid Overdose Prevention Education
· Hands-on Training on How to Administer Naloxone
· Complementary Naloxone Kits (see flyer for details)
· Explanation of the “Overdose Protection Act”
· Beyond NARCAN (Treatment, Options, On-going Recovery Programming.)

The current Opiate and Heroin Epidemic puts anyone at risk. Therefore EVERYONE should consider registering and attending one of these highly effective training’s. Please see attached flyers for more information regarding naloxone training in your area.