New Jersey Fraternities Attempt to Combat Alcohol Related Issues

Towards the end of 2018, the  North-American Interfraternity Conference banned alcohol above 15% ABV in fraternities. This ban apparently is for all students, regardless of if they are over 21. This means that no fraternity that is associated with NIC can have parties with hard liquor, in order to alleviate some of the alcohol related issues that have been seen across campuses over the past several years. Unfortunately, though, there is no real way of fully enforcing this enactment. At NJIT, the majority of frat houses are private houses off-campus, which limits the schools ability to intervene.

While the majority of fraternities in this region are associated with NIC, there are still ones not associated with NIC that would not have to abide by these same rules. The hope, though, is that this enactment will encourage universities to create harder lines on alcohol consumption. As this ban goes underway, other laws are staying to take place. Some fraternity chapters are starting to adopt “dry campus” laws, where they are not allowed to drink, at all, on campus. And, if not full bans, other chapters are adopting dry spaces or common areas, where there will be no alcohol.

With NIC’s new policy, it seems like there will be many major changes to come. Hopefully, these bans will decrease underage drinking incidents on and off campus and will lead to less alcohol-related injuries.

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