News Flash – Sticker Shock, Private Property Ordinance and Prescription Monitoring Training.

Sticker Shock

CCSHM members will again work with MC Municipal Alliances to increase the awareness of the legal implications to those who might purchase and provide alcohol to underage persons by implementing a Sticker Shock Campaign. Those participating in the Campaign will visit liquor establishments and place stickers that display a warning message about the penalties for providing alcohol to anyone under 21 on beer cases, wine coolers and other alcohol products that might apply to young drinkers.

Private Property Ordinance

Since we know enacting an ordinance to prevent youth use of alcohol on private property will help address some of the problems that arise from underage drinking, CCSHM members continue to advocate for passage of The Private Property Ordinance in municipalities throughout Morris County, making it unlawful for any underage person to possess or consume an alcoholic beverage on private property.

NJ Prescription Monitoring Training

(NJPMP)—CCSHM, in collaboration with the NJ Attorney General’s Office and Fairleigh Dickinson University School of Pharmacy, will host a spring training for Morris County pharmacists and pharmacy students, making them aware of the consequences of Rx/OTC Drug Abuse and the benefits of participating in the NJPMP.

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