Opioid Use in Morris County

In 2015, roughly 2% of heroin contained fentanyl in it, whereas now, 40% of heroin has fentanyl in it. Fentanyl is a deadly chemical that produces a high for significantly cheaper than heroin, which is why drug dealers tend to cut heroin with this chemical. For reference, one kilo of heroin would cost $60,000, but a kilo of fentanyl is only $3,000. This chemical is dangerous because it is very strong, in fact, 44% of ODs in Morris County had fentanyl in their drugs. It does not take much to be deadly, and when buying heroin, there is no known amount of fentanyl in it, nor would a dealer ever tell their secrets. Not only is fentanyl found in heroin, but it starting to be found in other drugs, like cocaine and marijuana. Fentanyl is also being pressed to look like pills.

Fentanyl is a profit making chemical, that due to the price, is becoming more and more common. As opioid use increases, so will the use of fentanyl. Drug dealers are not looking for what is the safest, only for what will produce the most amount of profit. Acknowledging the increase risk of fentanyl and understanding its potency is important for keeping yourself and your loved ones safe.