Pequannock Twp Coalition (PTC)

Our goal is to prevent and reduce youth substance use and abuse in the Pequannock Twp. community through collaboration, education and community-wide change. You can find us on Facebook

The primary purpose of the Drug Free Communities (DFC) Program is to strengthen collaboration among community entities and reduce substance use among youth. Learn More

Community Trials Intervention (CTI)

CTI is a multi-component, community-based program being deployed in three Morris County communities, Pequannock, Randolph and Dover. The Program was developed to alter alcohol use patterns and related problems among people of all ages. CTI employs a set of environmental interventions implemented by local community coalitions to create policy and systems change which decreases high risk drinking patterns; including binge drinking, alcohol-related crashes and violent assaults. Learn More

Empower Dover Community Coalition (EDCC)

Empower Dover is a task force of CCSHM and will work to reduce substance abuse among youth exclusively in the town of Dover. EDCC will work to realize a series of environmental interventions to create not only policy change, but systems change in our local communities that decreases the prevalence of substance use and abuse among youth. In order to do this great work it will need the help of everyone in the community!

New Social Engine (NSE)

New Social Engine is a group led by and for college students to create fun social options for themselves and others and to reduce the harms of alcohol and drug use. NSE is a positive catalyst for change. Learn more.