Check out this PDF from Operation Prevention.

  • There are 144 drug overdose deaths per day in the
    United States. Sixty-three percent of those deaths are
    related to pharmaceutical opioids or heroin.
    OO 6.4 million Americans indicated misusing prescription
    opioids in 2015.
    OO Nearly one in five teens say they have used prescription
    medicine at least once in their lifetime to get high.
    OO Opioids have been linked to 60 percent of drug
    overdoses in the U.S.
    OO In 2015, 58 percent of 12th grade students reported
    a “great risk” in trying heroin.


For the past several months, CCSHM has been delivering tool kits to local bars, restaurants, and liquor stores. These tool kits contain a black light, an ID book, a “Get Your ID Out” card, and a letter from CCSHM. These tool kits can be utilized to examine ID cards and have key things to look for that a fake ID most likely will not have. Aside from being able to separate the fake IDs from real ones, these tool kits will also let underage people know that bars and liquor stores are looking more thoroughly at identification and having the get your id out signs will make people aware of carding before even entering the liquor store.

These tool kits are putting us one step closer to eliminating underage drinking in the peak locations in Morris County.

Opioids and Morris County

Since January of 2018, arrests have gone up for drug dealers and users. But, along with this rise, there has also been a rise in both fatal and non-fatal overdoses. When viewing a map, and the data, it is clear that these arrests and overdoses are not people who are travelling through Morris County, but rather residents of Morris County. There has been not a single community without an overdose in 2018. All communities are effected, regardless of socioeconomic status, race, gender, or religion. When looking at the projected outcomes, it seems as though opioid related deaths in Morris County will surpass last years number of 80 deaths.

Morris County is often thought of as being an upper middle class community, and people overlook the possibilities of drug use or abuse in this community but it is clear that we need to be safer and proactive on this issue. Opioids do not discriminate, addiction does not discriminate. Be aware, be proactive.