Get your ID out

The month of July, CCSHM will be working with other coalitions and local places with liquor licenses to encourage them to ID everyone and keep Morris County safe. The Get Your ID out campaign involves us giving out black lights, 2018 ID books that shows pictures of current IDs for every state, and a sign stating “We ID, Get Your ID out”. This is to limit the access of alcohol to those underage drinking. By providing the resources to the places with liquor licenses, it increases awareness and perception of risk, and decreases use.

Did you know?

Approximately 2.3 million teens aged 12-17 are drinking each month in the United States. In fact, by senior year of high school, nearly half of students have drank alcohol. Not only are people underage drinking, but the majority of teens that are drinking are binge drinking. The perception of low risk of alcohol use is underage people leads to an increase in drinking, but as the binge drinking shows, it is not safe. The earlier people start drinking, the more underdeveloped their brain is which can lead to even riskier behavior.