E-Cigarette use leading to much bigger risks

A recently published study by the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Chicago and Boynton Health Services at the University of Minnesota found that e-cigarette use in young adults is much more than just using tobacco. They found a strong correlation with the use of e-cigarettes and other mental health issues as well as other illicit substance use.

This study examined 10,000 random students in a large Midwestern University. These students answered 156 questions over the course of 30 minutes. These questions examined substance use, including alcohol, illicit substances, and e-cigarettes. They found that students who used e-cigarettes were significantly more likely to use several different types of substances and low impulse control. They also found that students who had PTSD, ADHD, anxiety or impulsive disorders (ie gambling disorder) were more likely to use e-cigarettes.

Looking at the correlates of e-cigarette use and other substances shows that there is more to worry about when young adults begin to use e-cigarettes. It may seem innocent – after all, it is legal. But this use is indicative of risky behavior, impulse control issues, and can lead to other substance use.

There are no vape products that are FDA approved for smoking cessation, meaning there are no healthy vape products.

For additional information on this study, check out the full article here.