Morris County Youth Tobacco Action Group

This past Saturday, Morris County’s Youth Tobacco Action Group got to experience a fun day couple with a makeover. The Youth Tobacco Action Group (YTAG) is a statewide group that focuses on changing the campaign and countering what Big Tobacco puts out. The students who are involved in YTAG volunteer their time to identify ways in which they can prevent their peers from vaping or smoking and create campaigns to encourage cessation.

On June 1st, students had the opportunity to attend the first in-person statewide event at iPlay America. This event brought a total of 244 students from across the state to participate in the unveiling of the new name for YTAG. After several focus groups and a lot of input from the students, the new name of Incorruptible_Us was decided on. This name represents the savviness of Generation Z, recognizing the Big Tobacco cannot corrupt us and we see through the lies they provide us.

After the unveiling of the event, students were able to meet and talk to students across the state, which really helped to show the expanse of this initiative.  Then, students were able to go hang out and play in iPlay America for the remainder of the event. Students left the event feeling excited for what is to come with this initiative. Some events that they plan to do are tabling different community events and pass out the facts on vaping, as well as different presentations to both youth and parents.

A big goal for Morris County’s Incorruptible_Us (YTAG) group is to get every park and beach to have a Breathe Easy Ordinance sign that will encourage people to not smoke or vape in public parks and beaches, as this is now against the law.

This initiative is one that the New Jersey Prevention Network is hoping will live on for an extended period of time. If you are interested in getting involved or know students that would be interested, please reach out to Sarah Keir, Morris County Youth Coordinator at [email protected] (973)625-1998 x116.